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International Aerospace Technical Services Group S.R.L.
IATS group is a company based in Southern Italy that mainly deals with the repair, maintenance and reconditioning of components for the aeronautical, industrial, energy and Oil & Gas sectors.
35 years of practical experience in the field of specialized welding for aeronautical components enable us to ensure a rapid, complete and certified service (EASA Part 145).
IATS Group is one of the few companies in Europe that independently deals with the maintenance and repair of aerospace components.
We are currently in the process of obtaining our FAA approval to couple with our current Part 145.

Component repair

We specialize in the inspection, welding and repair of structural metal components (C20) of aircraft in the civil aviation, helicopter and military sector.

Oil & Gas

We also support the "Oil & Gas" sector with numerous repair and component manufacturing processes. We provide the reconditioning of components related to the Rolls-Royce RB211 engine as example.

Quality & Certifications

IATS Group always strives for high quality. In 2019, IATS Group obtained the "Maintenance Organisation Approval Certificate" Part 145 (IT.145.0407- C20), issued by ENAC. We are in the process of obtaining our FAA approval as well.
ATR 72 Maintenance
The maintenance of the ATR 72 allows you to always keep your vehicle in excellent health while ensuring excellent performance and safety.
Released in 1989 by Finnair, the ATR 72 is a regional airliner manufactured by the Italian-French consortium ATR.
It can carry up to 72 passengers and 4 crew members.

Thanks to the ENAC Part 145 certification, IATS Group can perform maintenance and reconditioning operations on C20 structural components, for components other than complete engines or APU.
Those are processes of fundamental importance allowing you to always maintain the aircraft in good shape ensuring ideal performance.
The service is carried out at the headquarters in Roccadaspide and is performed by an experienced and professional staff working with state-of-the-art machinery and tools.
The component is sent by the customer, often with details on the problems encountered.
Then it is subjected to visual inspection aimed to identify other problems and then goes into processing.
Each piece is disassembled, photographed and catalogued. It is restored to the optimal state and validated by the certified staff.

A similar process also occurs for the components of the ATR 72, an aircraft equipped with two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW124B turboprop engines.
It can reach a maximum speed of 509 km/h and has a range of 1500 km.
It is made in passenger and military versions.

Passenger version:
  • ATR 72-101: (25-09-1989)
  • ATR 72-201: (25-09-1989, marketed as ATR 72-200)
  • ATR 72-102: (14-12-1989)
  • ATR 72-202: (14-12-1989, marketed as ATR 72-200)
  • ATR 72-211: (15-12-1992, marketed as ATR 72-210)
  • ATR 72-212: (15-12-1992, marketed as ATR 72-210)
  • ATR 72-212 A: (14-01-1997, marketed as ATR 72-500)
  • ATR 72-600: passenger version introduced in 2007; characterized by an elongated fuselage and equipped with the most powerful turboprop engines Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127M.
  • ATR 72-600F: all-cargo version, first flight 16 September 2020.
  • ATR Cargo Variant: cargo version.

Derived military versions:
  • ATR 72MP version for maritime patrol, search and rescue.
  • ATR 72 ASW (such as ATR 42MP), with extra anti-submarine capability.
  • ATR Corporate Version: business jet, military/government version for VIP transport.
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AS9100 certified companies
Among the companies certified AS9100 there will also be IATS Group soon.
In the coming weeks, a further recognition of the high quality of the work carried out by the company operating in Roccadaspide is expected.

But what is the AS9100 certification?
AS9100 is a standard quality management system based on ISO 9001, specific to the aerospace industry. The AS9100 certification testifies to the safety, reliability and regulatory compliance of the products of distributors, maintainers or manufacturers.

It is a globally recognized certification, which provides customers and stakeholders with the assurance that your AQMS supports the provision of products and services in line with the high expectations of the industry.

The standard specifically addresses regulatory, safety and reliability requirements for any aerospace organization, from design and manufacturing to maintenance and distributors and resellers.
The requirements necessary to pursue national and international business opportunities, as a qualified supplier, are met by obtaining certification. Each AS9100 certified company is included in the online aerospace supplier information system (OASIS - Online Aerospace Supplier Information System) managed by IAQG.

The standard provides internationally consistent guidance to address the specific regulations and safety and reliability conditions required for the aerospace industry. It is used and supported by major aerospace companies and the entire supplier chain around the world.
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CL-415 Babcock Maintenance
IATS Group operates in the maintenance of the CL-415 Babcock thanks to being an ENAC Part 145 certified company for C20 structural components.
The work is carried out physically at the headquarters in Roccadaspide through the work of an experienced and qualified team that uses modern tools and machinery.
The work begins with the first phase of analysis allowing the identification of all the problems related to the components.

Afterwards the results of the analysis phase are communicated and then the actual repair work is carried out using complex welding operations.
The maintenance, repair and reconditioning activities allow to preserve the integrity of the vehicle and always ensure high performance.

The CL-415 is a twin-engined high-wing turboprop amphibious aircraft built firstly by the Canadian company Canadair, then by Bombardier Aerospace and later by Viking Air Limited.
It is an aircraft designed to fight fires thanks to the possibility of efficiently operating in forested and rich in water regions.
It was developed by Canadair to create a more powerful version of the earlier CL-215 by adopting a new domestic turboprop engine, two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW123AF.
Released in 1994, it can load 6,137 litres of water in 12 seconds.
The multi-role version also works for maritime patrol and search and rescue.
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Our services

The company structure, streamlined and efficient, allows us to reduce the time to fulfil orders. Our "delivery time" can be 24 hours, for extremely urgent requests, to 3/4 weeks or earlier.
With over 35 years experience in the Aerospace Industry in Montreal – Canada (ex Aerospace Welding Inc owners) - providing support to the major operators around the globe, allow us to provide services of the highest level in Italy and abroad.
We work by continuously seeking excellence. This philosophy was confirmed by the ENAC Part 145 certification and our great customer relations to improve the needs of  our clients.
Cost optimization
The continuous search for quality and high performance ties in with the objective of containing cost with the aim to offer high-performance products at extremely competitive prices.