Component repair

IATS Group provides repairs on a large variety of Aircraft Models and hence on a large variety of structural components that are repaired by our high quality welding process.

We specialize in Fusion, Resistance and spot welding for obtaining the desirable repair for many components in the area of hot sections, ducts, APU, Shrouds, Bleed Pipes, Silencer, Junction Assemblies, Thermal blankets, etc.

Our welding process is qualified to the latest standards, and monitored by ENAC/EASA for its sustainability.

We use only approved Technical data provided by the OEM/Customer or our Technical Library to proceed with the repair.

If no repair is available, we have the ability to develop a sound repair with the expertise of our Engineers, and in turn paten the repair with the official approval of our DAR.

This process is used in circumstances whereby the particular part number is obsolete/hard to find on the market, lead time for new part is lengthy, and cost for new part is very high.

With our Repair developing process, we can considerably reduce the price and delivery of more than half the cost to which will benefit our customer to get their plane in the air sooner.

We aim to Fly with our customers.
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