CL-215 Babcock maintenance
Where to perform maintenance on the CL-215 Babcock
The CL-215 Babcock maintenance is a process of fundamental importance to always ensure high vehicle performance.
IATS Group, an ENAC Part 145 certified company for C20 structural components, for components other than complete engines or APU, offers this essential service.
We operate on the different metal components suggested by the same customer. We work at our headquarters in Roccadaspide, where we receive the components on which we are going to work.

Each component is carefully evaluated in a preliminary analysis allowing to identify of any further criticality undetected by the customer.
We communicate with the customer about the problems encountered. Then we start the proper work.
The material operations are carried out by an experienced and professional team that operates with state-of-the-art machinery.

This process is adopted for any component and therefore also for those of the CL-215 Babcock.
The Canadair CL-215 is an amphibious aircraft designed for firefighting. It can also operate on semi-prepared runways and of course on water.
It entered service in 1969 and is characterized by turboprop engines of the Pratt & Whitney Canada PW123AF type with a quadruple propeller.
It can load 5,443 litres of water in 12 seconds thanks to two retractable probes.
The load is released by the opening of two doors.
It was the world’s most popular firefighting aircraft until the advent of CL-415.
It is particularly appreciated for the possibility to release the water from the doors on the wings and not on the belly.